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Product Benefits
  • Aadishakti Navgrah Kavach is a spiritual gift that can change one's life.

  • It is effective for the betterment of health, as it increases the effectiveness of your body and mind. It also has healing power.

  • It works in case of loss of business, health issues, mental disorder, financial crisis, political disturbance, inimical activities.
  • You can overcome any kind of phobia with this Kavach.

  • Negative energy and harmful souls will stay away from you and your family. 

  • With the blessings of Mata Aadishakti, you will be able to overcome all the abstractions of your life and complexities of surroundings. 

Product Description

Aadishakti Navgrah Kavach(Copper) is a spiritual Kavach. The mantras for nine planets, the essential metals and a lot of Ayurvedic items are included in this Kavach.

Qualified and dedicated priests prepare this Kavach with havan and Puja path. At the time of  preparation of this Kavach, Havan of 10 Mahavidya the the 10 Supreme Goddess are also done. Anyone can get this Kavach from our office and Mandir at free of cost. He and she have to provide personal details along with a box of copper, silver or Gold to prepare the Kavach. On the specific day the Kavach will be delivered from our office. You can also get this Kavach through a post or courier. The price of the box including  the delivery charge is rupees 501/-.There is no restriction applied for the Kavach. With the grace of time the power of the cupboards decreases slowly. So, the Kavach needs to be refurbished after a period of 6 -9 months. 

Disclaimer - 

Adishakti Navgrah Kavach is a spiritual product and its working depends on your daily lifestyle, attitude, behavior and respect to God. Total believe on Mata Aadishakti will increase the effectiveness of this Kavach. 

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