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to Win the hearts

The main objective of our Ashram is to serve every human being through our activities. With such an idea, the Ashram went out to serve the poor people in an area called Bidhannagar in kolkata. The members and volunteers of the Ashram go there and realize that there is a need for improvement in health and education. Similarly, the volunteers and members advance in the work of iproving the health of children and poor people in the area. 

In Bidhannagar, Volunteers of Ashram started working on health. Doctors come here every week and treat them completely free. Also eye treatment, blood donation camps are held here. Vaccination of children is also done here.  Free medicines have been given to the patients and arrangements have been made. 

Apart from health, the Ashram has also given importance to education. Here several children stopped studying for lack of money and started working. There the volunteers of Paraam Brahmmha Milan Maath O Seva Ashram have re-arranged the education of those children. Now they go to school everyday. Now Ashram has taken over the responsibility of the education of 50 children. If each and every one of you extends a helping hand for these children, theAshram will be able to take responsibility for many more children. 


Some of our Members