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Volunteers are an important part of the Ashram. Our Ashram Volunteers are very consistent, Responsible, dedicated and hardworking. The aim of the volunteers of our ashram is to serve the poor people side by side, not only to help the children in edcation and to make them competent in future. Our volunteers do campaign of education in rural areas where the light of education has not yet reached and simulteneously they give vaccines to small children to save them from various diseases. 

Why Volunteer ?

Volunteering has many benefits. It gives people self-confidence and satisfaction, social contact, the ability to use previously established skills or develop new ones, a chance to follow your passion and a possible start to paid employment. Volunteering is fast becoming an essential part of a stand-out resume. Employers are looking for evidence of commitment, loyalty and a strong desire to contribute to the success of society all of which volunteering demonstrates. Volunteering is flexible and will fit around your existing commitments. Paraam Brahmmha Milan Maath O Seva Ashram has volunteering opportunities that range from 2 hours per day in month – the opportunities are endless!

Become a volunteer

Volunteering can make a positive difference in your life and the life of those around you.  As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to:-

  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Have fun whilst giving back to the community
  • Learn new skills that look great on your resume
  • Do something you have always wanted to do
  • Make a difference
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What will you do to be a Volunteer

To make sure that volunteering is a great experience for you, it is important to understand what you want from volunteering or your ‘motivation’ to get involved. Volunteering is contribution of time, effort and talent to a need, cause or mission without financial gain. Volunteering is all about you being able to contribute some of your own time to help people in our communities. Volunteers support our communities and add to them in their own unique way using a wide variety of skills, knowledge and experience. Understanding your motivation will help you to find the best place to volunteer and the most satisfying role for you.

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